Chalk Board Tin

Ok so heart day is just around the corner! Here is a simple and cute thing you can do to show you care!

You will need: a tin container of some sort (left over cookie tins from Christmas work great) although I got mine at the dollar store! Gotta love that dollar store! You also need chalk board paint, I used the spray kind from Fred Meyers it's around $5.00. (I think you can buy the kind you brush on too, but spraying the tin gives an even coverage) Then just some candy and chalk!

Be sure to spray outside or in a spray booth! Let it dry for 24 hours before chalking on it! There are usually instructions for the chalk paint on the can. This is fun and super easy! Happy crafting! xoxo, Caytlyn.


  1. i love ALL of these projects

  2. Hey, the hair pins are really great idea! I like it and will try:-)