52 Week

Week 36
Got home from Washington and had to get all ready for Bijou Market, which made for a busy week...but it was worth it! I love bijou! 

Week 35
A simple and quick layout from photos I took during our trip to washington.

Week 34
Wonderful weather for Easter day! We painted eggs, relaxed and went to the park. Fun day. 
Week 33
It's been like spring and then...random snow!!! Jordan had to go to work and we missed out on the bunny fair up in slc...it's alright though, I still got to see a bunny at the farm store. I know I am strange but they are just so cute!

Week 32
A relaxing saturday morning, including wich wich, and our first movie in the theaters in utah!!!

Week 31
This past weekend we took our little Dots & Stripes shop up to SLC for the Vintage Whites Market! They had a fashion show, and lots of cool vintage stuff!!! After the market we went out to one of my fave dinner spots, pf changs!!! 

Week 30
Jordan and I drove the 3 hours it takes to get to Moab and back all in one day! It was so much fun, we hiked all over the park! We decided to go for Jordan's birthday! Woo Hoo

Week 29
Last week we were going to go for a drive, but then it started snowing like crazy while we were on the free way, there was an accident like 5 feet in front of us, and we almost witnessed a cop get hit by a dumb driver...sooo we decided to just go eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Cubby's! Then head home and relax. 

Week 28
Just a quick page with some photos I took on our date night, for valentines day! Super girly! Love my man:)

Week 27
This week I thought it would be fun to write down 5 places I want to visit before I am 30. If it will happen, I'm not sure, but it's nice to have a few places in mind. Also really obsessed with the new Washi Paper from Crate Paper. Very fun to have all those choices of washi tape on one sheet of paper!

Week 26
Last Friday Jordan and I got home from work and rushed right back out the door to try to catch the sunset. Although the sun set was really beautiful, the way the sun hit the mountains across the way was even more of a site to see. We set up a go pro camera to take a time-lapse, which I am hoping to post soon...until then here is my favorite photo I took (on my iphone) that evening!

Week 25
Alright I will probably be scraping alt summit for the rest of the year, haha not really...but I have so many photos! Anyways this is from the mini parties woop woop :) 

On a side note I mixed and matched a ton of different lines and products here, which should be against the rules for me since I know what collections go with what (from working at ac)...like those alphas are from a crate paper christmas line! But I am loving how these colors are working together....so whateves. Also I am kinda obsessed with this little calendar stamp from Amy Tans new collection Yes Please! Alright, ta ta till next Tuesday!

Week 24
Well I have to admit, I put this together is less than 5 min...I forgot to post last week!!! I had this little stripe of photos printed out, and I just totally forgot! So tonight I put it together...just wanted to document my business cards that I put together for alt, and the garland I made for our room (that was not at the grand) haha enjoy.
Week 23
If you are looking at this, then you most likely have already read my post about how our little business dots&stripes was asked to make some signs for the new Dear Lizzy line, for the booth at CHA. I was pretty excited! So I scrapped about it, woo hoo. enjoy!

Week 22
I had a lot of random things that I wanted to get into a page, just little clippings and notes from 2012, ya know. So I decided to make this little vellum pocket to hold all the little memories. 

Week 21
Wow 2012 came and went so fast! It was an amazing year and it's time to start all over again. I am welcoming 2013 with some pretty tough resolutions, but I am determined to keep them! I keep writing them in like every notebook I own!

Week 20
Oh man was it hard to get up this morning! After having four days off from working and basically living in my sweats this weekend was more than relaxing...and it was much needed after all the running around and holiday shopping and shipping I have been doing! We missed out friends and family back in Washington, so hopefully we get to make it home soon to see everyone! At least we had ichat, however trying to hold a phone, ichat, and unwrap a gift is a skill I have yet to accomplish!  This photo was taking up in park city utah, we went to check out the shops during a blizzard! It was fun walking around with my love, trying not to slip on ice. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

Week 19
I won a ticket to Alt Summit SLC and that is all that is on my mind lately...what to wear, how to do/make business cards, what classes I want to take, who I would love to meet (EVERYONE) and I am just way too excited haha! anyways I can't wait and I thought I would document it in my little scrap book:)

also I am going to start posting the most recent pages first, yay!
Week 18
Another holiday layout this week. I want snow on Christmas so that was my winter wish! Then Jordan and I wrote notes to each other in the little envelope. I love these tiny puffy stickers from AC Kringle and Co.!!!
Week 17
It's December! We just got done with our second show the Beehive Bazaar, and while I was there I found these super cute cards...so I bought 2 and had to photograph them and scrapbook them because I am borderline obsessed with how cool they are. For the next month I am so excited to use some of the cute holiday stuff I bought from AC! Yay for 4 holiday layouts in my 52 week project!
Week 16
Tomorrow we set up for our second event ever! The Beehive Bazaar! This page is to document both events and to save some of our first business cards, and the beehive postcard we sent out to friends and family. 
Week 15
This weeks page is for thanksgiving and I wanted to write about what I am thankful for! I really like incorporating journaling, it's kind of nice to write a little note, and leave out photos. 
Week 14Look at all those ampersands! I am so excited for the upcoming crafts shows that we are participating in! So I made a page to document this fun project, I think it will be a fun thing to look back on someday. We have put so many weekends and effort into making this little side business become a reality! Be sure to stop by the Bijou Market this coming weekend and check out our stuff!  
Week 13
Wow time is going by so fast! Last month was so busy, and I have a feeling the next few months are going to be the same! This weeks page just has some random photos from istagrams over the past few weeks. I am loving these colors! Yellow and pink. Maybe I just need to have pink in every layout, I think I'm getting better at scrapbooking...maybe haha. 
Week 12
Another page that is about my birthday weekend up in SLC. I think this is my favorite page in the whole book so far, most likely because of all the pink that is going on...and I am obsessed with those Crete Paper Thickers! How cute is it that they all have their own pattern on them! 
*you can find the Thickers here along with other way cute things!
Week 11
So on the same day we celebrated my birthday, we also went to a pumpkin patch and picked out some pumpkins! Jordan made his super scary with big chunky teeth. I made mine pretty simple, because I don't have amazing pumpkin carving skills. It was pretty fun, I love this time of year!
Week 10 Yay it was my birthday on Sunday! So this weekend we had a fun Saturday up in SLC, went to a yummy cookie shop called Ruby Snaps and if you are ever in SLC that is a place you have to stop! Then we went shopping, and to dinner. Then...we went to a pumpkin patch, picked our pumpkins and on Sunday we relaxed all day and carved them! Now I am a year older woohoo haha. 
Week 9
This weekend Jordan and I made our own homemade apple cider, pumpkin pie, and cooked out. It was so relaxing and our apartment was full of the aroma of fall. The apple cider was delicious...I will be posting how we made it this week! This layout is all about our weekend of homemade cooking. 

I really enjoyed creating my own vellum envelope to slip photos into. I also had fun playing with fabric. I cut out a heart and spray glued it right to the vellum. I really like how it turned out.
Week 8
So Jordan and I took a "hobby compatibility quiz", something I came across on one of my favorite blogs, wit&whistle. It was pretty fun and we figured out some fun stuff to do together! You can take it too here. It's a fun little thing to do. So I decided to scrap it because I think it would be a fun thing to look back on someday!
Week 7
Just a fun little journal page about the past few months and again added a little envelope with a note that I wrote to Jordan and one he wrote to me for reading later. Photo taken at the shops at the Riverwoods in Provo. We had a little date night, and ate at this place called Chops, it was pretty tastey!
Week 6
I realized that we don't have a new adventure every week that is scrapbook worthy! So I am going to head more in the journaling direction with this project. This week I took a moment to jot down some goals and dreams for our Dots&Stripes shop. I wrote down ten potential things that I think we could accomplish by the end of next year. Also I am totally loving little envelopes! I started leaving little notes in them to read later on, what a fun surprise! 

Week 5
We love to go watch the sunset, so these are just some photos I took capturing it in different ways. Jordan always brings his binoculars to look for wild life...so while he's doing that I take photos :)

I have issues sewing straight lines haha, so I turned my mistake, on the right of the page,  into a lot of mistakes, but I think it turned out kind of cool, in a messy way. Also a fun way to use washi tape...at the top of tags:)

Week 4
While out on a little drive we saw this huge herd of sheep! They were blocking the road so I insisted we get out and take some photos... big surprise I wanted to take photos right.

I am totally loving adding stitching to these pages! And it's so easy to just run the page through the sewing machine! Also loving incorporating tissue paper!

Week 3
Photo shoot! Ok so I love to go take photos and and be in photos:) outfit changes...the whole shabang!
Jordan, my love, hates it...but I think he puts up with it because it makes me happy.
We recently needed an "about" photo for our new hobby shopdotsandstripes.com
I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go on a fun evening drive and take some photos! 
Anyways that's the the theme behind this weeks scrap page...documenting this cute photo I got of Jordan and I! 

*side note: right now I am obsessing over American Crafts Glitter Tape! I think it is so fun! 
Also loving the cute little flag paper clips from Studio Calico
Week 2
We went to Thanksgiving Point!
Walked around in the garden, got some lunch at the cafe,
then went and checked out the museum:) Way cool!
I think we will go back to see the large gardens when the weather gets a little cooler.
*sorry for the blurry photos//they were taken with my phone :)

Week 1
Concept: I wanted to set up the book like a "scrap journal"
with a simple layout on the front and a longer journal type entry on the back. 
Every entry will be about some new experience or outing that my boyfriend and  I have gone on. 
Since we just moved to Utah the adventure is just starting!