March 15, 2015

Project Life / sunny day

Sometimes you just need a day to yourself, a day that's not the weekend, not catching up on chores or laundry...just a day of nothing. So I took a day off work and did just that, nothing. I slept in, had 2 cups of coffee, looked through my fave catalogs, and explored a local park. it. was. wonderful.
See products used after the jump.

Products: I don't think the album I use, or the transparent pink splatter filter page divider is available anymore, but I can share the neon gel pens I used, which are awesome btw.


  1. oooh! neon pens that can write on photos? yes, please!

    1. I want to point out though my photos are printed at home on my ink jet, so technically I am just writing on regular paper. I'm not sure how well a gel pen would work on a glossy photo printed from a store, it could smudge. If you try it though, let me know how it works! :)