February 2, 2015

Hello / do you scrapbook?

Hello! So today I woke up and thought, you know I'd really love to know who is reading this blog...and then make content that you actually want to see. Ya know :) If you're a regular then you know there's really not a focus to this blog, it's just kind of whatever I feel like posting about. I see the stats and it seems scrapbooking related posts are the most popular. Are you all scrapbookers? Are you designers? I'd really like to narrow down the focus here, and spare you anything you really don't care to see.

So it would be really awesome if you could jump over and 
take this quick survey.  pretty please :)

Then I can blog about the stuff you want. Yay!


  1. Feeling like a dorkasaurus right now, because I don't think I've ever commented here :o

    HI! Scrapbooker! All around lover of creative things! (Do your thing though, my favorite blogs don't always stick to just one solid subject)

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I felt like I was having a blog identity crisis!


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