February 21, 2015

lately + thank you!

First things first, thank you all so much for taking the survey I posted a couple weeks ago! It was so helpful to see the results, so thanks a million times! The reason for a survey was to see what posts are the favorites. Turns out most of you visit this blog because you like my project life/ scrapbooking related posts. Also turns out almost all of you are also keep a project life style scrapbook, some of you scrapbook in a full page layout style, or mini book of some sort. I was really surprised to see the amount of people who use digital downloaded products and print at home, vs buying physical products. In fact more people said they download product or used a combination of both than just purchasing physical product. Technology! Also that was some great insight for a side project I'm working on that I'm really excited about! (more to come on that soon!) So what does all of this mean for madebycay.com?

As a result of the survey this blog is going to focus mostly on my personal project life layouts, and my modern memory keeping process. You might see some home decor, and diy crafting posts, but I'm going to focus on my love for paper crafting and memory keeping from here on. If you're going to miss my adventure/just life posts you can follow my tumblr page or instagram, I post there almost daily. If you still want to see my design work I am going to be keeping my portfolio up to date with my most recent work. There is a portfolio link on the left, just click there :) Hope you're as excited as I am for the changes around here!

As for life lately, it's been busy around here working on a new project I can't wait to share! I went to New York a few weeks ago for a press check for work, and I've been recovering from lack of sleep and non stop running around trying to catch up since! Finally feeling like I have a grip on things this weekend though. You know how it is, you have to catch up on laundry after being out of town, your fridge smells funny from the food that went bad and your routine is thrown from the time change. Ok that's all I've got, have a fantastic weekend!

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