December 28, 2014

NYC / air bnb

I recently used air bnb for the first time ever, for my first trip to nyc! So I am happy to share that I had an amazing stay, and really fun trip. Click on to read more about my air bnb experience, and to see more pics of the amazing apartment I stayed in! Also, stay tuned for a post about my 1 1/2 day city adventure. Also also, if your interested in using air bnb you can sign up with my link below to get $25 towards your next booking!
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The guest room had a ton of books about the city! not to mention a lot of art!
the apartment was an add on to this beautiful church, which was kind of amazing!
John made me some hot cocoa and ginger bread with whip cream at the end of my first day exploring. I had forgotten to eat dinner so he made me a cup of soup and toast too! Seriously, I will defiantly stay here again someday. 
Such an artsy feel, I was totally in love with this apartment! Their kitchen was full of these cute anthropologie mugs.
I took a couple cards and reserve tasting cards I designed for starbucks to leave behind for them to add to their collection of little treasures. 

their apartment was like a museum, a true treasure. It's amazing of Frank and John to welcome people into their home. 

If you're planning a trip to nyc, I highly recommend staying with Frank and John! Don't forget to use this link to sign up for $25 off your trip!

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