September 16, 2014

Make This // scrap metal necklace

Every time I where these necklaces I always get a compliment or two, well today I am here to bring you a very simple diy that you can create in about 2 seconds. Read on to see what I used to make these 4 simple necklaces.

+  necklace chain, I used one from an old necklace I already had.
+  a bag of scrap metal, I found mine at a local art supplies store. (pictured below)

for the necklaces pictured, I did the following:
1. wrapped in embroidery thread, found and crafts stores. no glue, just tied knots.
2. did nothing more than string a scrap of metal to create a trendy bar necklace.
3. taped off metal and painted with nail polish.
4. found two cylinder shaped scraps that fit together, put on chain.

The possibilities are seriously endless here guys! Go get crafty!

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