June 18, 2014

Just Life / kitchen tour

Finally found some time the other day to take some photos of our little kitchen, there's not usually enough light in there to take a good photo, but I tried. It's a pretty tiny space, and when we moved in there was almost no counter space once we plugged in the microwave, toaster, and coffee pot. So we went out to ikea and bought a bedroom dresser to add a nice little coffee station, and we installed an old working bench slab of wood to create a nice eating space since a table didn't really fit. Also trying to find some inexpensive bar stools that are more like 30" these are only 24" and they are just a little too short (similar style though, any suggestions?!). Please if you have any tips on making a small kitchen work leave a comment let me know! Cooking with 2 people in the kitchen at the same time is nearly impossible! 

I can't wait to start collecting pretty receipe books to add to this shelf, cooking my way though Feast right now. We also painted this old telephone nook with chalk board paint to write lists or doodle on. When we first moved in I covered the glass cabinets with patterned paper from the inside, I thought we needed the extra storage space, but I thought it was a shame to cover up such a pretty arie space, so I filled glass jars with the essentials and called it good. More photos after the jump.

I am in love with the black and white checkered floors, and that old sink...the only thing missing is a SMEG fridge and well a dishwasher. Also we really hated the counter top color (even though it was a small amount) so we got these from ikea to cover it, and they fit right over the old counter like a glove. We also covered the dresser we are using as a coffee station, so it doubles as a giant cutting board/food prep area! 

Chalkboard paint for everything, love it!

Love everything from Rifle Paper Co. Picked up this card at a local art store. 

Haven't really figured out the space above the fridge yet...for now it's storage for stuff we don't use. I really like this coffee bag though, my mom sent it to me when we lived in Utah and wan't me to craft with it, but I didn't want to ruin it so I never made anything with it. I just like it as art.

Here you can see the small counter space, we even had to buy a cheap mini microwave because a normal size one didn't fit under the cabinets! I love how tall the cabinets are though, so much space!

So there you have it, our mini kitchen, someday I will have my dream kitchen (inspiration here), but for now it's a tiny apartment one. 

Want to see more of this tiny place? See the living room post by clicking here.


  1. Love everything you've done here! My kitchen is literally a hallway, so I dream of having one this size some day :)

  2. i love the way you store everything!
    what kind of jars do you use?

    have you ever looked at apartment therapy for tiny spaces? they do a good job at designing small apartments! yours def could be on it, it's so cute!


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