May 5, 2014

Paper to Petal | take two

You may remember when I wrote this post way back when I got this book. That one flower took me forever to make, not to mention it started falling apart almost instantly since I used washi tape to hold it together.

Then last week I took a paper flower making class at this really cute store in Seattle called Paper Delights. I finally learned the little tips and tricks it takes to make a beautiful paper bloom, and a crazy obsession with paper flower making was born. I spent all weekend playing around with different techniques like painting the crape paper with watercolors, and bunching a bright petal mixed with a pastel flower. Seriously, I. Am. Obsessed. Here are some photos I snapped :)


  1. I have that book too! I couldn't find the crepe paper anywhere!?? Did you end up ordering it?

    1. I found the paper at a local stationary boutique, I am sure you can order it online though :) such a great book isn't it!