February 18, 2014

Just Life / Been Slackin / Currently

Guys, I've been slackin when it comes to blogging/crafting/documenting life/ project life/ scrapbookin/ ect. Soooo, I wanted to drop in and say hey, I'm still alive! Life has just been a whirlwind over the past several months. With a move in December, a new job, and trying to settle into a new life in the city has been hectic, in a fun adventure kind of way...but hectic nontheless. With that said, I still want to bring some awesome content to my little corner of the interweb...however my new blogging schedule, well there isn't one. I will keep blogging so please keep reading, posts may be a bit more random than usual though! Also I want to add a "currently" to the ever extending list of columns here on Made By Cay. So this is going to be the first one! Click read more to see my very first currently post!

C u r r e n t l y  2 / 1 8 / 1 4 

Drinking: cucumber/mint/lime infused water 
Eating: r
oasted pears, scallions and pine nut Galette from Macrina Bakery, so good!
Listening: Ellie Goulding and Lorde are two of my fave artists right now!
Watching: just finished Dexter, what's next Netflix? any suggestions?
Wearing: rain boots + rain coat, everyday
Reading: just finished Creative Confidence, pretty good.
Blog Reading: designlovefest, you always keep me coming back

Shopping: sevenly, just ordered this be the change sweatshirt
Feeling: optimistic 
Weather: rain, rain, rain
Wanting: more time in the day
Needing: to start some of the skillshare classes I signed up for!!!
Wishing: I could adopt a fluffy dog
Thinking: about how to convince the boyfriend we need to adopt a fluffy dog
Enjoying: spending time with Jordan
Loving: settling into our apartment and making it feel like our place
Obsessing: over bkr water bottles, every color please
Crafting: stuff to decorate the apartment with

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  1. Sherlock! it's a miniseries but they're like mini movies.. an hour and a half each. i heard house of cards was amazing but I haven't watched any yet. I just got Netflix and I am trying not to binge watch anything... yet, ha.

    I'm jealous of you in Seattle. my favorite coffee place is there!


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