January 24, 2014

Just Life / settling in

If you follow me on instagram (@caytlynchilelli)  then you know I've been decorating like crazy! I can't wait to make this little apartment feel more like a home. Click on to see more!

One of my favorite things about this place is that window in the entryway, such charm.

I love these green chairs I picked up for $40 at a fleaology sale in Utah!

love my print from pattern daily! Also just put up those two chalk boards (below) and I'm not sure what to draw on them!!! In fact, when I hung them, and when I say I hung them I really mean I stood there while Jordan moved them around on the wall until they were in just the right spot so he could hang them, in our old apartment I never even wrote on them, they just stayed on the wall like two ugly black boxes!!! So I am making it a point to draw on them asap!!

Remember my instagram about a "big project" involving indigo ink...well I dyed the couch, which I don't suggest doing! It was one messy project! Also make some simple diy curtains, I used some ikea fabric and just cut two panels, then hung them with ikea curtain clips! Cheap and easy, my kind of diy for sure! (tutorial soon)

This weekend I'm hoping to figure out how I'm decorating the bedroom. I've had that teal duvet for a pretty long time, so I've been thinking about new colors, maybe mustard yellow or gray...thoughts? Also ignore the mess, honestly though I rarely make the bed during the week, so you're getting a glimpse of real life here! No one's perfect right?


http://i41.tinypic.com/287p7hu.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/2qscms8.jpg