October 22, 2013

Style 1 / Fall 2013

I have a pretty standardized style, my typical uniform consists of striped shirt, my favorite jeans, and maybe a cute necklace to "dress it up". I don't considered myself much of a fashionista, but I buy things I think are cute and comfortable. My talented friend Rani is so sweet and always compliments my outfits. We were chatting about how fun it would be to document everyday fashion in the work place. Though I don't see this as a fashion blog we thought it would be a really fun collaboration to pick some of my favorite seasonal outfit essentials and she would illustrate them! I am beyond excited to share our first collaboration!

What do you think, awesome right! You can visit her website here

Outfit: Shirt: Target, Jeans: AE skinny, Coat: Banana Republic Factory Outlet, Legwarmers: TJ Max, Boots: Bass

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