September 15, 2013

Paper to Petal | my first paper flower

I've had my eye on this book for a while now, and finally decided to buy it...turns out that was a good idea. This book is absolutely amazing, the photographs alone make it worth every penny. The detailed instructions are great, and the templates make them easy to follow. I am quite proud of my first flower, working with thin tissue paper is a bit tricky, also having all the right supplies helps. I used what I had around the house, too thick of wire, and scotch and washi tape. However there are specific tapes and wires you can buy for paper flower making. I'm planning to order the right supplies and can't wait to learn how to make the rest of the flowers, all 75 of them! I highly recommend this book, I got my copy on amazon

Also funny story....It has been a really rainy week here in Utah, and sometimes when I order things and know I won't be home, I leave a little note on the door for the delivery guy to put the package on our front deck which is less exposed, rather than just putting it by the door. So since I knew I wouldn't be home when the book arrived and since it was a rainy day, I left a note on the door and a plastic bag to put the package in so the rain wouldn't get to it. I also asked to please put the book behind the hedge on the deck....usually I draw little arrow pointing in the direction of the porch, even though it's pretty obvious. This time I forgot to put the arrow and when I got home the package was placed inside the plastic bag...behind the wrong hedge! A bad storm had just gone through the area and the book got blown over by the wind and was laying directly under a rain gutter!!!!! Water was just gushing onto the plastic bag...franticly I grabbed the book and opened it...undamaged, I was so relieved! Though I have to ask....maybe the delivery person didn't have much common sense, because the covered porch and hedge I was taking about it the note is so obvious!

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