September 3, 2013

Instagram Update | August

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I know I did because I got to take an extra long weekend and visit my family in Washington. I totally skipped my instagram update in July, opps! Summer is almost over and signs of fall are everywhere; including pumpkin spice lattes, my favorite! Have you ever tried pumpkin spice in a chai tea? Do it, it's so good...when I worked at Starbucks my coworkers and I would invent all sorts of yummy (unhealthy) treats, anyways that's off topic. If you follow along on instagram then you've seen these photos. If not...follow me :) Don't have instagram? I also post all my instagram photos to this tumblr page.

1.hand lettering for mom's birthday 2. foggy washington morning 3. antiques 4. watercolor by my great granddad 5. art books from my ggd 6. another watercolor by my ggd 7. olympia farmers market 8. flowers from mom's yard 9. flowers at farmers market 10. happy the grumpy dog 11. my favorite bunny domino 12. green juice from mom's garden 13. scrapbook mess 14. dad's old records 15. flying back to reality

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for coming home for my special birthday! But most of all for helping me scrapbook my summer pics till 1:00 a.m. Your visit went by way too fast though :( Love, mom