August 18, 2013

Starting Over | 52 Week Project + My Society 6 Shop

I really enjoyed having a 52 week project, and if you read this post then you know it's over. This weekend I decided to start a new one, yay! I've always loved working with watercolors, it's one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. It's also something I would like to get better at, so every week I will create one new piece of art. Then upload it to my society 6 shop, which, btw, I opened today. I am so excited to start this!

I've been wanting to open a society 6 shop for a while now, so I'm just going for it. It will never happen unless I make it happen right!

I went ampersand crazy this weekend, however I am looking forward to dabbling in some hand lettering while working on this project too! I hope you'll follow along on my new 52 week project! Read on to see more.

Oh, on a side note, I am working on another blog redesign, woo hoo. I love redesigning my blog, so if some links aren't working right it's because I am changing things up around here.

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