August 14, 2013

Scrapbook | 52 Week Project

I can't believe it, but my 52 week project is done! I started this little project mainly because I got a job designing scrapbook products for American Crafts....though I had never scrapbooked! So to help understand a scrapbooker better,  I became one.

 In the beginning it was so much fun, see my first post here. Also see some of my favorite pages here, here and here. I have always loved paper crafting, so I knew I would love scrapbooking. I stuck to a solid schedule for the first 6 months, I would scrap once a week and post on tuesdays. However I started getting behind on weeks and would have to play catch up, which wasn't as much fun....overall I love the idea of keeping memories in a fun little book...but I don't think I will continue to create a scrapbook every year, I mean where would I store all those books over the years!!?

If you like my scrapbook posts, you can follow along as I work on my project life album, which I am currently playing catch up on! (hopefully posting soon) I will be a year in on my pl in October....after that I might switch to a smaller form of project life, again to make it more manageable. Did you enjoy following along on my 52 week project? Would you follow along if I did another 52 week project? I'm, lettering, or maybe watercolor, any suggestions?...I am looking forward to picking a project and working towards getting better at something!

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