August 11, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect / illustration

The entire time I was in school I took just one illustration class, partly because it doesn't come easy for me ( I definitely regret that! ). This weekend I went to the zoo with some friends (who majored in illustration ) to practice sketching animals. Now, drawing animals is really intimidating for me, so this was way out of my comfort zone! I am seriously embarrassed about the animals I drew...but hey I won't get better if I don't start somewhere. Read on to see my "animal" drawings....if you can make out what they are haha! (try not to laugh )

the roseat spoonbill was one of my favorite birds to watch, very interesting!

this baby elephant was the cutest

we got so close to the rhino!

the gorilla sat there for a while and posed for us, I am pretty sure he knew we were drawing him!

I think I was more inspired by the patterns and textures on the different animals than I was by their shapes and movements. It was really fun to step out of my comfort zone and give illustration a try. I plan to keep practicing!

1 comment:

  1. you killed it. not a chance i could have come anywhere close to sketching any of those animals so A+ from a total internet stranger :)