August 4, 2013

Dream House / my dream office

Every designer dreams of a beautiful space to create beautiful work in. My dream home office looks a little something like these images, but all mashed together. I am loving this yellow work lamp and wire chair. Which brings me to my dream office want item #1: the perfect lamp.

New to the blog today? Check out my first "dream house" post here. Otherwise read on to see all my dream office want items.

dream office want items #2-#3: an oversized flat file cabinet and wall of shelves full of design books

dream office want item #4: lots of different types of storage options

dream office want items #5-#6: a dark wall and simple patterned pillows

dream office items #7-#9: a giant widow, a soft rug, and pops of color. I love what's going on here with Bri Emery's office! Photo via Pinterest, pinned from

dream office want item #10: a brightly colored clock

*all photos for this post were found on pinterest (many did not link back to an original blog or website.) I would love to give credit to the original poster, please let me know if any of these photos are yours and I will give credit where it is due. Email me at caytlynchilell[at]

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