August 11, 2013

Craft Lake City | SLC 2013

I am a big fan of craft festivals, and Craft Lake City did not disappoint! Read on to see a couple of my favorite booths!

I think that banner with the pom poms is rad, also loving the water fountain thing you could walk through to cool off.

Loved this artsy stuff  by my friends Courtney and Clairice

Check out Courtney's art at

and find Clairice's art at 

I bought these two prints and I love the way they look in our hall.

Finally got to see the Mineral and Matter Mobile Boutique!

Hey look D+S at Mineral and Matter, also really loving these wooden heart sunglasses!

I thought these fabric flowers were pretty awesome! Find them at

They had these cardboard cutouts around the festival so my friend Rani and I just had to take cheesy photos in all of them...why not:) Overall I loved Craft Lake City, however next year I'm thinking it's an evening activity, it was way too hot to be walking around outside. 

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