July 22, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect / watercolor

I love watercolors, my great grandfather was an artist, he was the first person to introduce me to the wonderful medium when I was a young girl. It seems I've forgotten what it's like to just make something, to forget about logos, and the perfectness of things, and just make something with no rules. So after seeing this post last week it really inspired me to just sit down, and create for the fun of it. And it was so freeing, and so much fun. So, I have decided to share with you, through a new column on the blog called, "Practice Makes Perfect". Through this I am excited to explore and share different artistic styles, and mediums that I have always wanted to learn about. I may not be the most amazing artist out there, but I am looking forward to learning new things. 

My goal: get creative, stop caring + just make something.

Lately I have been in this creative rut, maybe every creative person goes through this. I have been super judgmental on myself, and it has really made me not want to make anything. I do a lot of "looking" on pinterest, and around the web, I am constantly seeing amazing art...it's inspiring, but it also makes me look at my own art, illustrations, and design portfolio, and I think to myself, wow I can never make something that beautiful, I'll never be that good. And no, I won't ever get better, unless I actually create more. It's not that I have low self-esteem, I just have been lacking confidence in my creative abilities recently. Through "Practice Makes Perfect" I plan on breaking out of that shell, and just making things. 

Below are some of the random things I painted. Do you like posts like this? Any suggestions for a fun medium to work with? Maybe I will try it out next!


  1. I think these are awesome! Love your style!

  2. These are seriously so cool! I love them! You should think about making the get creative image a free wallpaper ;)

  3. Beautiful Caytlyn - I think you're extremely talented and should be reminded daily of your talents from those around you. Not many people can create such art. A blessing to be able to do this!

    1. I think this is one of the sweetest comments I have ever received! Thank you!


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