July 2, 2013

Instagram Update | June

I feel so lucky and so blessed that my boyfriend's family welcomed me along on their recent family vacation to Hawaii. I had never been before, it's such a beautiful place! It was so fun touring the islands and relaxing on the beach. One of my favorite things was snorkeling in Kona, there were so many colorful fish and we even saw a few turtles! If you follow me on instagram (@caytlynchilelli) then you've seen these photos already, though I thought I would share them on the blog too. On a side note, happy summer! I plan on posting a little less frequently this summer, and taking every moment I can to spend some quality time with my love, and soaking up some sun! 


  1. They are beautiful pics, and I enjoyed watching your trip unfold on Instagram. I went to Hawaii in 2002 with my uncle and aunt (Oahu and Big Island). Snorkeling in Haunauma Bay and visiting Kilauea were my favorite parts...that and smelling plumeria for the first time. I've wanted to bring my boyfriend there for years. Glad you had a chance to go! :)


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