July 29, 2013

Dream House / my dream living room

Things I want in my living room now! An awesome geometric lamp, pretty candles, and a lot of good decor and design books to flip through! Read on to see my dream living room items. If you are new to the blog today, and want to follow along on my dream house vision, start here.
 dream living want item #1-#3: hardwood floors, white brick fireplace, exposed beams

dream living want item #4-#6: again with the exposed beams, a beautiful couch, and a lovely glass top coffee table.

dream living want item #7-#9: a soft rug, a pretty throw, pops of color. also loving this photo because this living space looks warm and inviting, it looks comfy and lived in.

dream living want item #10-#12: some beautiful tall windows, a gallery wall with pretty vintage frames, and some really beautiful lighting. 

*all photos for this post were found on pinterest (many did not link back to an original blog or website.) I would love to give credit to the original poster, please let me know if any of these photos are yours and I will give credit where it is due. Email me at caytlynchilell[at]gmail.com.

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