May 14, 2013

Just Life | Unrealistic Expectations

It's almost half way through 2013...and I would like to be the first to admit that I definitely have not accomplished a single one of my resolutions. I had some high expectations for myself, and made some unrealistic goals, which really just led up to being disappointed in myself. That's not a good feeling, so I am reevaluating my goals and starting fresh.
I seem to have a hard time with goal goes like this: I write a goal down, then I do the exact opposite. Am I just crazy!? It's like as soon as I take something I like away, then I want to do it more. For example: I love chocolate, a lot, so say I make a goal like no chocolate for a year. So I think to myself "omg today is the last time I will ever eat chocolate for the rest of my I should eat chocolate and a lot of it...then tomorrow I will give it up for a year". Then, say I have the chocolate on a Monday, I tell myself the week is already ruined...I will give chocolate up next week...and I continue on a crazy binge for a whole week. It always goes like this! Of course giving up chocolate for a year was definitely not on my 2013 resolutions, but eating healthier was...and I haven't made very many changes in my diet. So I am updating my resolutions with similar more attainable goals. (Old goals are on the left, and new goals are on the right....then there are the ones I gave up on completely. )

• Eat healthier | Eat what I want, but don't overeat, do I really need two tacos...not really.

• Go to gym 4 times a week | Go when I can, but do small workouts at home when I can't (this one is actually one that I feel good about, I do make it to at least 2-3 gym classes a week...but sometimes I just can't get to the gym and that's just how it goes.)

• Follow a spending fast...this was just not for me, good for you if you can not shop for a whole year, but I just can't. I do have student loans to pay off...but the goals I set for payments, and living standards while paying the loans off, were just unrealistic!!! I do have a budget, and it's working for me right now. I am sorry if I inspired you to start a spending fast...this is hard to do. This was one of those situations where I just wanted to do the opposite...say I would see a cute pair of pants that I wanted, then I'd think, ok I really really want those pants, so I will just get a new shirt,  scarf, and shoes while I am spending money, then start over tomorrow. This was a bad idea for me to even attempt, I can live within a budget...and I like to give myself an allowance to spend on myself here and there, and there is nothing wrong with that. I also realized while attempting the fast, that I am already a very frugal person when it comes to shopping/food/electricity, pretty much everything in life I am always looking to save money. So I will continue to shop smart, and if I want a cute new pair of flats at Target or a dress on sale at Gap you can bet I will treat myself.

• Be nicer to people/strangers. This one stays the same, and I am working on this. Just yesterday I was kind of rude to a man at the post office. I waited in line, and when I got to the front he told me he couldn't help me because they were closing. Yes I was upset that they didn't say something before I stood in line, but I also didn't have to snap back at him with a rude "are you kidding me?!" along with an eyebrow raise I am sure. Sometimes I think I say things before I think it through. Everyone wants to go home at the end of a long day...He was probably just tired and didn't want to work anymore, and it was past closing time.

• Blog more consistently. I am still working on this one too! I get busy, and I blog as a hobby because I want to share things I find, and inspire people to get creative. I am going to keep trying to be more consistent.

• Don't worry about things too much. Sometimes I will dwell on something I did, or said, for days...when whatever happened has totally been forgotten, and I am still thinking and stressing out for nothing.

• Be present and in the moment. Live life to the fullest, and just be happy.

So there you have 2013 resolutions revised...I already feel refreshed. Have you been able to follow your resolutions? Congrats if you have!