May 29, 2013

Instagram Update | May

The month is almost over, and summer is just about here! Here's May's instagram update. 

1. Planted some lovely yellow flowers 2. Jordan found that elk shed on a hike one early morning 3. I found this amazing maxi dress at the Gap for 60% off 4. Got to meet up with my AZ friends as they were driving to Seattle, good times 5. It was rainy for a few days, I actually really enjoy these rainy days, especially when I am inside working 6. Then it warmed up, yay time to swim 7. Got some frozen yogurt with some work friends during lunch 8. Went fishing at Strawberry 9. Caught a fish 10. Found some really really cute tankinis at Lime Ricki 11. Found a super cute anchor bandeau at the gap outlet 12. Went fishing agian 13. Only caught a little one, then let it go 14. Rain again 15. A cute little mug and paper flowers at the beehive bazaar

1 comment:

  1. I bought the same maxi at the Gap outlets recently too! Love it!!