April 17, 2013

Just Life | Hello Again

I'm back! These past few weeks have been so fun, and kinda crazy! Jordan and I finally booked a trip to visit home after being gone for almost 9 months! After moving to Utah last June we figured we would head up to Washington around Christmas, but had to cancel our trip...so we finally just booked a random trip so we could see both of our families! It was a short trip, but it was a nice little weekend vacation. However right when we got back to Utah we had to start getting ready for Bijou Market haha, a slight oversight after buying the plane tickets, opps! So as soon as we got back from our relaxing weekend, full of home cooked meals, we got right to work on getting ready for the market!
We love Bijou Market, and if you are in the Provo area I know you would agree that it never disappoints! Each time we went back to fix up our Dots & Stripes booth I found myself in line buying something! 

Today I just want to share some of my photos from the visit home. I am working on updating my project life, and hope to have those posted this weekend! I also have the past 3 weeks of my 52 week project to share! Where does the time go?! I could really use a couple extra hours in the day! Hope you enjoy the photos!

My family was determined to get me to the coast rain or shine! So we packed a crock-pot soup and salad lunch, drove out to the coast, and had a picnic in the car. We went to this place called Half Moon Bay and collected shells and cool rocks. Then headed to Westport to get some of the best salt water taffy I have ever had!
College roomies reunite! Had a wonderful time catching up over coffee at Batdorf & Bronson, and then over Pizza at Old School Pizza in Olympia.
I really loved just spending time hanging out in the backyard, it was nice to be outside, since I spend a lot of time indoors. Also I am slightly in love with my little bunny, Domino, so I was happy to see the little guy. He does this thing when you pet him, if you stop, he will nudge your hand with his nose to keep petting his forehead, it's pretty adorable.

I love flying! I always have, I think the view is so cool...flying has never scared me...which is odd since my mom is scared of heights and my grandma refused to fly...ever!

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