March 11, 2013

Make This | Reading Lamp / Vintage Whites Recap

So last week I was getting really inspired by this lamp from west elm...I have a slight obsession with that place. When I saw that cute yellow lamp for 6.99 was SOLD OUT I was super bummed, and really inspired all at the same time!!! I thought I could just go buy a lamp and paint it! Read on for the how to.

So I bought this clamp lamp from wal-mart for $5, and a can of yellow spray paint. I was kind of nervous to use spray paint on a cheap metal light, that tends to get warm pretty fast. However I was determined to just give it a try. So I did. I used a 25 watt soft white light. The whole reason I wanted a lamp was for our Dots & Stripes display at The Vintage Whites Market...we left it on all day, and it hardly even got warm to the touch!  (though I wouldn't leave it on while I'm not home.)

Below is our market display, we had a good time at the market, and it was fun to see all the vintage goods! Also I ran into like 20 people I met at Alt Summit. Ok maybe more like 4 or 5, but it was still fun to see people from Alt again! Also I ran into Danae, from Gather and Hunt, who I chatted with at Alt, and then again at the market...and she knows people we know from Washington!!! It's a crazy small world we live in! Anyway, back to the diy. Read how to below the pic!

After the market when we got home and unloaded everything I thought it would be a shame to pack away such a cute little lamp, so I clamped it to our (cheap fake wood) bookshelf in the office. I think it looks quite nice in it's new home!

We plan to make another one in a different color for our next D&S show!

So here's the diy, it's pretty simple.

You need:
• Clamp lamp
• Primer (spray paint kind)
• Choice of colorful spray paint
• Light bulb

How to:
• Prime the whole area that you want to paint (I painted right up to the cord, including the clamp, however you can take the metal part off and just paint that if you like)
• After primer is dry, spray with color on outside only (I left the inside white)
• Let dry, add light bulb, grab a book and enjoy your new cozy reading light!

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