February 24, 2013

Results Are In!

Happy Monday! Ready for another great week!? Is it just me or has February gone by extremely fast! Really, so far this year has been going by really quickly! Anyways, today I want to share with you the results of the survey I asked you to take a few weeks ago. Sorry it has taken me so long to share this!  Feel free to go take it even if you just found the blog! I'd love to have your input as well! Read on to see the results!

100% of you are women...that is not surprising to me actually, this blog is really girly.

67.86% of you are ages 21-29
17.86% are 30-39
14.29% are 40-49

A lot of you guys work in a creative business of some sort.
25% of you are stay home moms
25% are in school, keep at it!
Also in the "other" category there was a Fashion Agent Assistant...that sounds like so much fun!

74% have been reading this blog for a few months
11% 1-2 years, Thanks guys!!
14% have just found love design sunshine in the past couple weeks
Seriously thank you all for reading, leaving comments and being so amazing!

A lot of you found this blog through Pinterest
3.7% and 0%  from twitter and facebook
25% found it through another blog...where? What blogs? Was it through a comment?
11% found it because a friend told you this blog was awesome:)

21% of you visit once a day
35% of you visit once every few days, to once a week
46% visit at random

So this question was about what posts you like most, and you were able to choose more than one answer, so these results will be over 100%
The most popular posts are in the Scrapbooking category with 82% saying these are your favorite posts.
60% like DIY Projects
53% like Decor posts
64% like Graphic Design posts
42% like my instagram updates and personal adventures

Where you hear about my posts are:
8% from twitter and facebook...go like the facebook page, sometimes I post stuff on there before I post to the blog!
26% find out about new posts through pinterest...I will continue to pin new posts to the love design + sunshine board.
70% find out through readers and feeds, thanks for subscribing!!!

You guys were so sweet in the "what keeps you coming back section" thank you everyone for the nice comments about what keeps you reading the blog! Most of you like the Project Life posts and want to see more of that. Also you want to keep seeing diy projects and more decor posts. And thanks mom for reading "because you miss me" haha, even though we talk on the phone! Seriously though, thank you everyone, this will help me in creating content that you want to see and read! Have a great week!

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