February 18, 2013

Project Life | Tips + Tricks

Hello! Hope you had a fabulous Monday! I am starting this new tips and tricks for project life...today I want to share how I set up and print my photos....read on :)

First off, about 99% of the photos in my PL album are taken with my iphone, and processed through Instagram. I use ink361 to view my photos from instagram online, and then simply drag the photos to my desktop.  Instagram now has a website that you can view your photos online as well, I've just always used ink361...both will work, as well as others, there are a ton! I love that I can do all this without a fancy camera, and not having to import any photos to my computer. ( *after I am done printing my photos I delete them so I am not keeping extra files on my computer)

After I drag my photos to my desktop, I use an Adobe Illustrator template that I have saved (see photos above) . The template has a few 8.5x11 art boards (pages) with 4"x6" and 3"x4" boxes set up and empty. I drag my photos into the template and place them in those pre made boxes, I scale the photos at all different sizes. Sometimes I let the photos fill the space, other times I leave white space around them, sometimes I just let it take up half the space. This is also where I add text to my photos. The font I love to use is Orator Standard. Sometimes I will add lines next to the photos for writing space, or just leave it blank.

Then I print, cut and add some washi tape magic! A whole spread in my project life book takes no more than 15 min. (If I work on placing my photos in my template throughout the week.) Otherwise it takes around 30 min. I have fallen in love with scrapbooking, however...I like this quick and easy approach to it.

***Suggestions for cutting down on time, if you have a few minutes at night and you're just sitting on the couch watching tv, you can grab your laptop, place some images (in your template) that you are planning on putting in your pl book. If you place one or two photos a night, then by the weekend all you have to do is print, cut, and embellish a little if you like.

(To all you non graphic designers and people who don't own Adobe programs, don't rush out and buy them, they are pretty spendy, I would suggest to do the same thing with your photos, choose what photos you are going to print or get printed throughout the week and get your pages kinda figured out before you sit down to work on it.)

Anyone else have any tips on cutting down on the time it takes to create an awesome layout? Do tell :)


  1. Love this blog, it's full of energy and colours! (:

  2. Hi Caytlyn could you tell me where id get a blank template like the one you use? I use photoshop elements and try and roughly size my images on an a4 page but this blank template idea would make life so much easier! :) love your PL pages by the way!! so inspiring! xx

    1. I'm thinking I responded to you on twitter, but for anyone else wondering I will reply on here as well :) I created the template myself in illustrator. I just have an ai file that has several artboards and 3x4 and 4x6 boxes to fill with photos :)

  3. great post!!! thanks for sharing :)

  4. sweet! i use this same approach to doing my PROJECT LIFE layouts. i use my adobe illustrator program as well. LOVE YOUR BLOG

  5. its amazing your blog! i arrived here because of pinterest! Im in love about the blank spaces and the tipography! which one is it?? Thanks so much!


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