February 10, 2013

Project Life | 6

Just wanted to share my most recent PL pages (Also, obsessed with yellow right now!) I had to keep those lunch menus from Alt, everything was letter pressed! Haha also there was a line to chat with Stefan after he gave his keynote, and if you asked for a photo he said he would only take a pic if he could kiss you on the cheek, so that's what the photo is all about. There were so many photos I wanted to put in these two pages, but for simplicity's sake, and lack of time this is what it got narrowed down to. Hope ya like!


  1. Awesome pages! Please keep sharing they give me so much inspiration for mine as well! I also love that pocket you included for all the ALT stuff.


  2. I love your project life posts but could you maybe share what items or craft products you used each week to create that page? That way we could go and buy some of the items you used? :) xo

    1. Yes! I need to start doing that! A lot of the time I cut my own paper and don't use an actual pl kit. Everything I use is from American Crafts, or one of the brands they own. But I will start trying to be better about sharing products!

  3. I love your layouts!! I'm so happy I found your blog! [Except, that it's made me procrastinate more than an hour now when I was supposed to be getting something productive done before going out!!]


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