February 13, 2013

Just Life | A Little Tour

Happy Valentines day! Thanks to everyone who took this little survey earlier this week! I can't wait to share those results with everyone! If you didn't get a chance to take the survey it's still open, so feel free to go take it!

Today, as promised, I wanted to share our current living situation. We do not have hardwood floors, or a cement counter top (just some of those little details our dream home has) but we have done our best with some diy projects and hand me down decor from my mom. Have a wonderful day!

Some of my favorite things about our living room is that we only had to buy a couch, a rug, and a small shelf...everything else was either an antique that we had or found, or a diy project. I love those old  wooden shipping crates that we used as little end tables on either side of the couch! All we did was turn the crates on their side and voila a side table! I know that there are flaws...but hey it's our first place and I think it looks alright.  Can't wait to share more of my apartment decor with you guys! 


  1. amazing!!! my fiance and I are moving in together soon and this has given me so many ideas. Thanks for sharing :) love all the old keys especially! x


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