February 28, 2013

Instagram Update | February 2013

I can't believe March is here already!!! Here are a few instagrams from February. It has been a really fun month! Here are a few quick run ons about the photos...Cubby's is my favorite place to grad a bite in Provo, so yummy! Learning to cook, the mango chicken sandwich is one of my favorites so far. Jordan and I went out for Valentines day and I snapped this quick photo before our date night. After three years of loving spin, I finally threw out my volleyball shoes, (from high school!!!), and treated myself to some comfy new cycling shoes, yay! I gave Jordan that cheesy "we just click" valentine card haha. I love going out for frozen yogurt...I always get pistachio, and put the gummy bears in there because I thought the colors were pretty. The peach pizza on naan was pretty yummy...but it needed chicken or something. Got a fun little gift box from Whimsy box. My mom sent me a photo of my bunny Domino, who she adopted from me, since it would had been kinda hard to move with him and leave him in a cage all day...sad! But this photo made me miss home a litte...trip to Washington is in the works soon! Scrapbook photo, love those tiny puffy stickers! Oh and I finally got the book that one of my old student projects was featured in. Blah! That was a lot of out of order, not making much since, rambling. Happy March!


  1. Well awesome now I'm craving gummy bears. ha, yummy! I seriously am googling Yogurtland right now to see if they're closed. haha
    By the way Caytlyn I am in LOVE with your blog. I found it and immediately was drawn to all of your amazingness and your beautiful creations and then I realized you were from Utah and I was like WHAT. Ok sold, new favorite blog. ha seriously girl, you are amazing! And ya hopefully you don't mind me stalking all your old posts because that's totally what I'm doing right now.

    1. Haylee, you made my night haha! Now I'M craving frozen yogurt too!!!


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