February 21, 2013

Five Faves Friday / 3

Yay, it's friday!!! Hope you had a great week! I took this photo driving to Seattle last year around this time for an AIGA event...don't worry I was stopped in traffic. Read on to see my top faves for this week!

1. Learning to cook, healthier new things. Ok I know how to cook, do lean cuisines count? For a while now I have been pinning recipes to a board on pinterest, but never attempted to cook any of it! So I am going to start trying new things! I am excited to learn new techniques for cooking, and combinations I would had never thought of! You can find my weekly meal plan here, it will be changing weekly. Good meals will move to my breakfast lunch and dinner board, and my "learning to cook healthy" board will have 6-7 meals that will change weekly. Feel free to follow along, or send a yummy recipe my way!

2. This meal, Mango Chicken Sandwich, which I think would make a great salad as well! (also we cooked our red bell pepper and red onion in the pan with the chicken to make this more winter friendly, we also toasted our bread)

3. Design Love Fest: Advice posts! There is some great advice on there! I love this one about doing work for friends and family. This one is also great, on figuring out what to charge for freelance work.

4. This blog, Target Does it Again, so fun to look at! (#bloghug)

5. Kimbra, ummm...girl crush! Love her style and spunkiness. Can someone teach me to be that cool? (probably not)  Watch this video, and this video, you'll be hooked too. You might recognize her from this video with Gotye.

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