January 31, 2013

Instagram Update Alt Style | January 2013

Guess what, all of these photos are from Alt! I know what you're thinking...is this girl ever going to stop talking about Alt Summit? The answer, nope...I had too much fun! Ok ok I will be getting back to normal posts soon...only 10 more about Alt. I still want to share everything I learned, I took some great notes...it's just a matter of sorting through them. In the mean time check out the blogs I linked to in this post about the awesome business cards of Alt 2013.

Now about those instagrams, Alt was the total package for me. It had so many beautiful rooms decked out in fun diy decor, cleaver themes, and that awesome marquee "bing" from the bing lounge. Not to mention all the great people I met, and blogging tips I learned! Click read more to hear about some of my highlights!
A few of my highlights were... finally getting to meet my blog idol, Promise Tangeman, who is so nice! I had to talk myself into going and introducing myself to her haha, she has a bit of a celebrity affect on me...but she stood there and listened as I rambled on about how inspiring she is to me, and even jumped in the bing smile booth with me! More highlights include rooming with Jamie Bartlet, from a Pair of Pears, she was really nice and put up with my crazy driving to and from the event (since we didn't stay at the Grand), and I made that garland to hang up in our hotel room, to make it feel a bit more fancy (ya know since a garland totally makes up for not getting to stay at the Grand America haha). Meeting Brook White and Summer Bellessa from the Girls with Glasses Show was so awesome, those two are the cutest! And they threw one heck of a party at the friday night mini parties...their theme "it's a mod mod world" was way cool, complete with a light up floor! Oh did I mention that I was 5 feet away from Jessica Alba! I was. Meeting Erin from Design from Mankind, she is such a sweetie and shared some great tips for staying organized! Stefan Sagmeister gave an amazing keynote...and you might notice I took down my 2013 goals...that's because they have completely changed...thanks to that man, as he talked about happiness something clicked and I am re-evaluating some of my goals and what kind of things I make priorities in my life. Have you heard of the blog Color Me Katie...well go check it out, she does some really bright photography, and if you are having a bad day her site can totally turn it around! In her keynote we had a balloon fight...because that's just what she does ya know. Finally meeting Jana from the Vintage Whites Market, which by the way is coming to SLC in March...and by the way Dots&Stripes will be there! 

I really love writing these instagram updates...I think we all need to just ramble on about things going on in our lives every now and then...if you got this far thank you for reading!

Did we meet at Alt 2013? I think I talked to 200 people, I know I did, because I had that many business cards, and they are all gone! I would love to hear from you and get some conversations going on the blog. 

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