December 2, 2012

Project Life | 2

I wanted to share some pages from the past couple weeks! I am loving project life!

I signed up for a shop swap on oh hello friend, it's where you are paired with someone who runs an online handmade shop and exchange a gift. Well I was paired with the amazing Melissa Esplin, and it turns out we both live in Utah, so we met up for lunch to exchange gifts. Melissa teaches an online calligraphy class, and that's exactly what she gave me...I am so excited to start learning the art of hand lettering...just look at that amazing "noel" card she made, I want to do that! Also we just finished up with our second craft show, the Beehive Bazaar, it was so much fun, and I found these great handmade paper cards! So I had to put them in my page because they are so lovely to look at! 

I made this page during the week of thanksgiving. Jordan was hunting and I had some time to sit down and craft. This week I will be working on some holiday spirited pages...will be posting those soon!


  1. Hi - love your PL posts. Could you tell me how you're creating the green pocket on your PL pages? Saw it on another one of your posts, and I'd really like to know how you do it.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Corey! Thank you:) About the pockets, I think you might be talking about these

      and these

      I am sure they are diy-able but I just bought them, they are way cute, and I love studio calico stuff :)