December 16, 2012

Learning Something New | Calligraphy

I have been taking a really fun online calligraphy class from Melissa Esplin, an amazing hand letterer and creative person!  You can find the class I have been taking here. I want to share my practice and progress. I am having so much fun learning something new, and it's awesome to watch how this process can morph into my own style. I was even inspired to add some calligraphy to my online portfolio! My stokes are still kinda shaky, but I am really proud of what I have learned so far. I can't wait to share more progress along the way!

I started out by tracing over the calligraphy with pencil and then tracing with the pen and ink. 

Then I went off on my own, I am having so much fun writing short phrases


  1. OMG this is amazing and so beautiful. I'm jealous! xoxo

  2. Hey Caytlyn! I have always been a fan of hand drawn lettering, but this has really inspired me to work on my calligraphy skills. Thanks for the link to the great resource!

  3. Your writing is so beautiful!!! ♥ And thanks for sharing the awesome link! :)