December 22, 2012

Design | Tarin and Tyson Wedding Announcement

I had so much fun designing this simple wedding announcement for my friends Tarin and Tyson! I love the colors she chose and how light and romantic it feels. I wanted to share my process and some photos of the final card.

When Tarin asked me if I would want to design a wedding invitation for her and her fiance Tyson, I was like ummm yes! Especially after she explained what she had in mind. The colors, blush and dirty rose, with lace accents sounded so pretty. She gathered some photos of designs she found and liked, and I found some inspiration based on the photos she sent, then I made a mood board of gathered inspiration to send to her with styles, colors, and fonts. When she gave me the OMG I LOVE THIS, I moved forward with designing. 

Tarin wanted a very simple invitation, which included one card with all the information you needed to know on it. She created a website where people could RSVP, so there is not an RSVP card included with the announcement. I really enjoyed working on this fun girly project!  

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  1. I love that return address stamp! Where did you find that?

    Just stumbled upon your blog, I'm your newest follower :)


    1. Thanks for following :) I designed the stamp and ordered it from They are seriously amazing, I upload my artwork and my stamp is in the mail two days later!