December 1, 2012

Just Life | December 1st | Holiday 2012

So my blogging friend over at Pearl and Earl emailed me and suggested a fun snail mail holiday fun. Of course I was like yes yes yes sign me up! So I spent some time making some fun scrap booky cards using some American Crafts products woo hoo! I could had gone the simple minimalist route, but I love clipping away at paper and saw this as a fun opportunity! So with all the time I have (haha) I made this little stop motion video of the cards. I can't wait to send them out and I'm so excited to get some fun cards in the mail!

I also wanted to share some of the tunes I'll be listening to for the next month!

• Relient K  Let it Snow Let it Reindeer | Merry Christmas Heres to Many More
• Hanson Snowed In | Merry Christmas Baby
• Micheal Buble
• All I Want For Christmas Is You | My Chemical Romance Version
• And probably some Nat King Cole along with other classics

Happy December 1st, let the holiday festivities begin!
Oh and I think I am going to start a December Daily booklet today, I have been getting inspired by all the posts about them and it looks like will probably consist of an instagram a day, I will be posting about that soon.

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