November 11, 2012

Make This | Freezer Paper Stencils

I want to share another freezer paper trick with ya! Because freezer paper fuses to fabric you can use it to make stencils! Here are a couple of projects I did recently that use this process, and of course gold spray paint! I love gold spray paint! Here are two simple ways to use this technique. 

1. Simple heart tote 

You need:

• A tote (pack of three available at hobby lobby for $8)
• Freezer paper
• Scissors 
• Iron
• Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint

How to:

• Cut a piece of freezer paper large enough to cover the front of your tote.
• Fold paper in half and cut out heart.
• Unfold, and iron to tote, glossy side down 
• Once the paper is really stuck on there then go outside to spray paint 
• Note, I placed a piece of cardboard inside the tote to insure the paint would go through the fabric and make a mess on the inside of the bag!
• Let dry and use for anything 

(this would make a good cheep gift bag that is reusable, fill with awesome things to give to a friend this holiday!)


2. Seasonal Sweatshirt

You need:

• Freezer paper
• A cool design
• Printer
• Xacto Knife
• Sweatshirt
• Iron 
• Spray paint

How to:

• Print your design on the non glossy side of the freezer paper
• Cut out with the xacto knife, carefully!
• When the stencil is made, iron to sweatshirt, and iron on extra paper around the design to make sure when you are spraying the shirt you won't get the paint anywhere but the stencil
• Spray, and let dry.
• Now you can wear it, yay!

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