October 29, 2012

Make This | Twig Jewelry Display

Hello and happy Monday! I have been trying to make this little project work for a while now, and finally found a way. Find out how after the jump.
You will need twigs, a small jar, gold spray paint and "fix it all" found at home depot.

How to:
• Spray paint the twigs with gold spray paint. Let dry.
• Mix the "fix it all" with water and pour into glass jar, this stuff sets in 30 minutes!
• Place twigs in jar and let the "fix it all" harden around them. 
• After everything is dry and set, use a plastic bag to cover the twigs and spray paint the glass jar with a color of your choice. I used chalk board paint. 
• Display in a lovely spot and add jewelry. 

*I made a larger version of this for our dots and stripes display for some craft shows coming up, and thought it would make a fun diy project on a smaller scale. I can also see this being used as part of my Christmas decor with some little ornaments hanging on it! 
Hope you enjoyed this little project, happy crafting. 
xoxo Caytlyn

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