October 8, 2012

Just Life | Let's go shopping

Check out Harmony, a fun new boutique in Provo, Ut. Jordan and I stopped by here one Saturday afternoon to check out their fun handcrafted goods. They have so many beautiful fabrics, yarns, buttons, trims and treasures to choose from! I found some lovely washi tape to add to my collection. They offer a variety of classes, learn how to sign up here. You can check out their website here. See the photos I took after the jump. Enjoy!

So I was kind of obsessed with the stripes on the wall!

I also love this mint mirror!!! The decor in this place is way cute!

A pink fire place! So adorable! I also love these dotted fabrics. 

Ok so there is also a crazy coincidence here! Laura Harmon, the owner, her husband was a doctor at the hospital Jordan was born at in Washington! They moved to Utah about 22 years ago...small world huh! 

Hope you enjoyed the photos and go check out the shop for yourself! 


  1. Cute! I think I have heard about this place... maybe from you?

  2. So cute!!! I can't wait to hit it up. and you are so adorable. how do you do it? :) Hope you are still doing well and I think we need to still do a girls Saturday and craft. Anywho. love your blog, girly.

    1. Thanks girl! A Saturday craft day sounds grand.


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