October 27, 2012

Instagram Update | October

Alright it's that time again, instagram update yay! I had so many photos to choose from  this month, so many fun things happened. We celebrated my birthday up in SLC and went to this delicious cookie place called Ruby Snaps...seriously the best cookie I have ever tasted! Jordan got me a couple really awesome gifts, including a few books I wanted...Blog Inc, Grow Your Handmade Business, and a lovely art book he picked out for me about screen printing! I was really excited to receive some Santa Lucia coffee in the mail all the way from Centralia Wa! We had a couple of fun days at work, we went to the Awful Waffle and then checked out the Andy Warhol and Takashi Murikami exhibit at BYU. Just yesterday we celebrated Halloween a little early by dressing up in costumes, and the Waffle Truck came to work, we all got delicious waffles for breakfast (if I have to compare the two waffle places, I'd pick the Waffle Truck, it was so good!) I dressed up like a nerd...but I didn't really need a costume haha. You can see more of the cooler costumes here. Jordan and I found out that we got into a couple of craft shows in the area to sell our dots and stripes handcrafted goods...so we stayed up tagging most of our product one night to get it done early. It snowed the other day. And I came across these really great runners and bought two to make a rug. 

Whoa that was a lot...so many fun things happened this October and I didn't even share half of it! Hope that long blurb wasn't too all over the place. Enjoy the photos! 

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