September 15, 2012

Make This | Reupholster A Chair?

So one day, about a month ago my boyfriend brought home this was free from an apartment complex lobby. We love DIY's and fixer upper projects. However this one I wasn't too sure about. I am not great at sewing, and it seemed like a big project.  We bought new fabric (brown pleather) for $38.  After about 8 hours and a few mistakes we finished the chair. It looks like new, yay, with a few mess ups here and there haha. Honestly I don't think we would do it over again, we would most likely just go buy a chair from ikea.
I just wanted to share this, because I am pretty proud that we actually pulled it off!

Want to reupholster your own chair (all though I don't recommend it), below are some great resources we found! Good luck if you try it for yourself!

Figure out amount of fabric needed here
Supplies Needed
Inspiration and Motivation

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