September 15, 2012

Instagram Update | August//September

Alright it's time for another instagram update! We are all settled into our apartment now. Time has gone by so fast! Graduation feels like just yesterday! I was looking at my last instagram update here, so much has happened since then.

I finally have a schedule down and have gotten used to working full time, and I am really loving it! I feel so blessed to have found a great job. Since I started working for a scrapbook company I have really gotten into starting a scrapbook of my own, so I am committing to my 52 week project, and that has been way fun! In our spare time Jordan and I started our own little business, Dots&Stripes, making cute wood signs, it's just a fun little project we are doing on the weekends, we are pretty excited about it.

Other than that we have been exploring utah and seeing new things.

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