August 12, 2012

Dots & Stripes | Side Project

Hey there! So my boyfriend and I have been working on a little side project that I am really excited about! Like really really excited! We are opening an online shop! YAY! This has been something I have always wanted to try, and now it's a reality! Has anyone ever heard of Big Cartel? I had never heard of it before (maybe I am out of the loop) but it's kind of like Etsy. I heard about it through a friend and it is seriously user friendly! We are starting small (dreaming big), we opened a free shop at We chose the free option to start because neither of us have done anything like this before and just wanted to test the waters ya know. 

Are there any store owners reading this? If you have any advice I would really love it! 

Or if you want to link some cool online stores I would love to click around!

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