July 7, 2012

Instagram Update | June/July

Ok so I am still alive, I have just been really busy the last few weeks so here is a quick little update! I just graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design from Central Washington University!!! WOW college went by so fast! I also had a job offer for a graphic design position at a company called American Crafts, in Utah...and I took it! So the day after graduation my boyfriend, Jordan, helped me pack up my Ellensburg apartment and I moved back home with my mom for three days before making the move for the new job. We decided to split the drive from Washington to Utah into two days, it took us 17 hours! ( because Jordan was towing a trailer it took a little longer) It was a beautiful/slightly boring drive, but we made it with no problems! We have been having fun exploring and sight seeing on the weekends and driving up into the mountains to get out of the heat. I love my new job, it has been a bit tough adjusting to working all day, but I think I am starting to get used to it.

We are still trying to get the apartment decorated and cozy feeling...it's going to take some time, I wish I could do it all in one day! We had absolutely no furniture when we moved here so we got pretty creative with the dining table. We used an old door and painted it black with chalk paint, Jordan made the legs and the benches and now we have this awesome table, that costs us nothing! We couldn't make a couch so be just bought one from Ikea and got a pretty good deal on it! We also had nothing cool for wall art to put over the couch so I got this idea to make so cheap wall art out of plywood and spray paint from home depot...can you see a new DIY coming...yep! Coming soon a DIY Wall Art tutorial that only cost $16!!!!

Anyways this has been my life for the past month. Once life slows down a little I will post more regularly!

xoxo Caytlyn

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