July 7, 2012

Make This | Plywood Wall Art

After buying a couch for our living room we really needed something on the walls! I started looking around for wall art and got really discouraged when I couldn't find anything that I liked. It was either the wrong size or too expensive.

To make this wall art all you need is:
1. A sheet of 3/8" plywood (4'x8') 
2. Spray paint 
3. Tape
4. A computer and printer 
5. Spray glue
6. Saw tooth picture hangers for the back
7. A few hours

You can find this plywood at Home Depot for $14 and an employee can cut the plywood into several sizes for you. The ampersand is on a 30"x30" piece, the other pieces are 30"x14" and 14"x14". To create the ampersand cutout make a document that is 30"x30" in adobe indesign, this can be done in photoshop and illustrator too. Center the ampersand in the 30"x30" document, ( you will have to convert the text into outlines when using indesign because the font won't scale that large).  The font I chose for the ampersand is Georgia, after printing it out on several sheets of paper, I taped the paper together and cut out the ampersand. Use spray glue (lightly) to adhere the shape to the plywood and then just spray paint around it evenly. After letting it dry for about 30 minutes peel away the ampersand. Then attach two saw tooth picture hangers to the back. Now it's done and ready to hang! 

This project takes about 2 hours total and costs less than $20!!! YAY for cheap decor tricks!
Happy crafting! 

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  1. that ampersand is so dang cute! clever idea i love it!


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