June 3, 2012

Make This | Window Makeover

So I discovered this little tutorial here at www.perfectlyimperfectblog.com. I pretty much followed it exactly except I got my curtains at Fred Meyers and they are not the same material that she used ( I suggest to use what she used!) 

You will need basically a whole weekend to do this, the prep time alone is around and hour to an hour and a half. You must take your time and be careful with the measuring, you don’t want lines that don’t match up!

You will need:
2 curtain panels in white or cream
Black paint...or whatever color you want
Blue painters tape
A ruler and pencil 
Drop cloth or place to paint
Paint roller and paint pan
Lots of time

Things I learned when doing this; you will want to paint on a solid smooth ground...I worked on this in my tiny college apartment with a drop cloth taped down to the carpet and because the ground underneath was not solid the paint have these wrinkle impressions from the drop cloth drying to it. Also you don’t need to iron before painting because when you are painting you will have to sit on the curtain and work your way down from there so it just gets wrinkled anyway. Take your time around the painters tape, even though it’s there to create that perfect line, cloth is different than solid surfaces and the paint could possibly bleed up a little, so try to use less paint around that area to avoid bleed from happening! My stripes are 7” wide... 6 black stripes and 6 white. All you have to do is measure on each side and add a little pencil mark where to line the tape up...It’s pretty simple. You can go to here to see how it’s done! Have fun with it!

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