May 11, 2012

Make This | Clothespin Magnets

Ok I am so sorry I am not living up to my post about sharing something at least once a week! This quarter has been crazy busy! I wanted to share this really easy project with you!

 What you need:
1. Cool paper patterns!  I made my own, but you can always buy it!
2. Magnet tape, found at any craft store
3. An X-acto knife
4. Glue stick/spray glue...I used spray glue, but it kinda smells bad!
5. Clothespins.

How to:
There are a few ways to do this, I am sure it's been done a million times before. 
The way I did this was I sprayed the back of the paper with spray glue, then placed my pins down to the sticky side. Then I used my X-acto knife to cute along the edge of the pin. 
Then all I had left to do was put two small pieces of the magnet tape on the back, one at the top and one at the bottom. There you go! Now you have some new cute magnets for your fridge or magnet board! easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

The other way you can do this, to avoid using the spray glue, is to simply use the glue stick directing on the pin, then place the paper over it, and cut out the same way. Cool! 

Happy crafting! 
XOXO Caytlyn


  1. Looks very Cute and easy enough for even me to do!!! :)

    1. Marie it is sooooo easy! And you can get any color paper you want to match your kitchen!