April 18, 2012

Instagram Update | April

Hey guys! Anyone use instagram?! You can find me at caytlynchilelli.
Here is just an update of my life lately in photos:

1. My cute bunny Domino (yes named after the magazine hehe)
2. stormy college afternoon
3. I love these striped shoes, only $16 at Forever 21!
4. Self promo (see my love of stripes...and gold!)
5. Early stages of the portfolio yay!
6. Taking a jewelry and metals class...I made these cute little bunnies (I love bunnies!)
7. Owl (my mom spotted this at Marshalls!)
8. What the floor of my room looks like while working on a project (so most of the time!)
9. Me, all smiles because it finally feels like spring!!!
10. Sunshine back home.
11. My favorite flowers from my lovely boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary!
12. Pacific Northwest blue sky!!!


http://i41.tinypic.com/287p7hu.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/2qscms8.jpg