February 24, 2012

Design | T-shirt Designs

I am excited to share a few variations of this fun t-shirt design I have been working on for a friend. Her x-ray tech class needed something awesome to wear for a conference they are attending! I am very pleased with how they turned out and feel honored that she asked me to help out with this project! Below are a few of the options I put together for her! 

There were a few changes...Her class chose to go with the darker grey color for the shirt and they wanted a brighter blue color added to the circles or text, and the year added to the back, they also mentioned maybe a white skeleton...although I kinda like the black.
I really like the way black ink looks on darker fabric, but I am cool with which ever one they decide on, I can't wait to see the real deal! Below are the revised variations of the shirt.

T-Shirt with white skeleton and blue text

T-Shirt with white skeleton and blue circles with black text

My personal favorite with the black skeleton!

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